In general, the GNL aims to exchange experiences, expertise and ideas on current common challenges (e.g. to good administration and social progress, environmental changes, health, public welfare, security and technology as well as gender equality) as well as important past and ongoing activities and initiatives, within the framework of a unique platform that addresses, in particular, the objectives set in their daily responsibilities from a “ministerial point of view”. It combines the vertical administrative hierarchy with a horizontal integration between managers of the same rank or position through organizing future events that may include beyond the LinkedIn platform, including webinars, training sessions and round-table discussions with peers from around the world. In addition, it is aimed to develop projects, plans and programs for the challenges involved, which is expected to have the greatest impact as it targets hon. managers in leadership positions at the highest levels of governance. In this network, we hope to discover the challenges and obstacles currently faced by the world’s leaders and identify existing standards and policies and/or new approaches and strategies in these areas to the issues and outline management guidelines that could be followed at the area

We would like to request to contribute your valuable experiences, expertise and ideas to important past and ongoing projects, plans, programs, activities, events, and initiatives, which focus on different areas of management and leadership, as well as to participate in establishing an international HQ that is intended to be accessible to all managers and leaders (especially those outside the LinkedIn platform).