International Association of Translation Service Managers

The International Association of Translation Service Managers (IATSM) is currently an unincorporated association in nature, whose members will be the senior managers of translation centers who will be selected from among those registered in the relevant committees in LinkedIn or the website – the duties are described in each committee.





To be recognized globally as the premier organization for women managers and leaders who, by sharing their knowledge and experience, provide professional development opportunities in order to improve the future management of their organization.



IATSM activities are planned and organized by specialized committees, each having their own unique role within the association and comprising the chairs of committees and task groups, appointed by the IATSM Board.


The focus of the Association will be:

1)            Practice Management and Professional Development

•             to develop and improve managerial expertise and competence;

•             to increase the visibility of the importance and role of knowledge management in companies and organizations;


2)            Management Technology Innovation

•             to promote the most efficient usage of modern technology

•             to respond to the growing demand for sophisticated products,

•             to promote and participate in research, development and technology transfer activities in management-related technologies


3)            Ethics and Professionalism

•             to facilitate and promote professionalism of the people facing the complexities of global management;

•             to maintain ethics and the highest level of professional conduct;

•             to advocate for issues related to professionalism


4)            Communication/Networking

•             to foster communications and networking among managers

•             to have direct contact with the leading professionals

•             to exchange and share critical ideas, experiences and strategies

•             to facilitate cooperation among managers of other associations, societies and clubs or other professionals around the world.

•             to initiate and cooperate with other professional associations and institutions

•             to make recommendations and provide advice on the activities beneficial to organizations

•             to provide opportunities for in-person training


5)            Standards, Policies and Strategies

•             to encourage managers to respect and adhere to strict professional standards and code of ethics;

•             to seek to improve and maintain the highest standards of competence and professional conduct in management;

•             to establish globally recognized standards for the qualification of managerial professionals;

•             to establish common policies and strategies in the field of managerial profession at the international level;

•             to work for the adoption, support and practice of high standards of performance


6)            Support for Development

•             to provide support to managers in all aspects of daily professional and related activities;

•             to promote and support the development and activities of other associations around the world


7)            Strategic Partnerships

•             to encourage active participation in the process of improving the working environment;

•             to work with other organizations on issues (e.g. regulations) related to the position and interests of managers;

•             as well as to enable managers to participate in the available education, leadership development, and networking opportunities relating to management


8)            Managerial Careers Center


9)            Commerce and Industrial Relations