We feel honored and privilege to welcome 1300 top directors and leaders from various levels of management and administration in a variety of countries worldwide, including honorable presidents, prime ministers, ministers, ministerial advisors, MPs, mayors, and other significant members in the “Network of Top People in Management” at the Linkedin.

This network was launched on LinkedIn by Toos Institute of International Information Communications, an information center establishing various information networks, covering the most important management issues during nearly seven years, besides two other networks: GNWSM (1200 connections at the LinkedIn page: “TOP WOMEN IN MANAGEMENT: Global Network of Women Senior Managers“) and GNTSM (2600 European/American managers, founders  and CEOs at the LinkedIn page: “TOP PEOPLE IN TRANSLATION: Global Network of Translation Service Managers“).

We are especially proud to have as our honorary members eleven Presidents of Government (C/F), thirty-six Prime Ministers and Deputies (C/F), four hundred and seventy-three Ministers and Deputies (C/F), three hundred and twenty-two Members of Parliament (C/F), two hundred and sixty-nine advisors to the president/prime minister/minister and one hundred and thirty-six mayors/deputies.