The network’s main objective is to develop projects, plans and programs involved for a variety of challenges (e.g. in good administration and social progress, gender equality and women’s rights/empowerment) within the framework of an international association that addresses in particular the issue of women’s empowerment from a “management perspective”.
This is expected to have the greatest impact as it targets women in leadership positions at the highest levels of public organizations and enterprises. In this network, we hope to discover the challenges and obstacles currently faced by women leaders and identify new approaches to gender equality issues by outlining management guidelines that focus on gender differences.
In addition, the network aims, as a unique platform, to exchange experiences, expertise and ideas on current challenges as well as important past and ongoing activities and initiatives, to combine a horizontal integration between managers at the same worldwide organizations with the vertical hierarchy, to provide the members with a career management center and to provide information education for the members, through organizing different events (webinars, seminars, conferences, workshops, training sessions, and roundtable discussions.

With an ongoing effort to globalize the Network, we intend to develop it as “sub-branches” in different European and American countries. So, if you feel particularly prepared to establish a long-term stable cooperation, please contact us to discuss any questions you may have.