GNL In LinkedIn

We feel honored and privilege to welcome 3000 top directors and leaders from various levels of management and administration in a variety of countries worldwide, including honorable presidents, prime ministers, ministers, ministerial advisors, MPs, mayors, and other significant members in the “Network of Top People in Management”.

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This network was launched on LinkedIn by Toos Institute of International Information Communications, an information center establishing various information networks, covering the most important management issues during nearly seven years, besides two other networks – one for the women senior managers of public organizations and companies (1200 connections at and the other for translation service managers (2700 European/American managers, founders and CEOs at

We are especially proud to have as our honorary members sixteen Presidents of Government (C/F), fifty-eight Prime Ministers, Vice Presidents and Deputies (C/F), six hundred and fifty Ministers and Deputies (C/F), one thousand four hundred and fifty-four Senators and Members of Parliament (C/F), three hundred and seventy-one advisors to the president/prime minister/minister and three hundred mayors/deputies.

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We would like to request to contribute your valuable experiences, expertise and ideas to important past and ongoing projects, plans, programs, activities, events, and initiatives, which focus on different areas of management and leadership, as well as to participate in establishing an international HQ that is intended to be accessible to all managers and leaders (especially those outside the LinkedIn platform).

Recently, we launched a forum to discuss and review all aspects of COVID-19 outbreak, preparedness and response in the LinkedIn group: “GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOR COVID-19: PREPAREDNESS, MANAGEMENT AND RESPONSE”, where you can join and share your expertise and ideas on the disease.

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