The GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOR COVID-19 (PREPAREDNESS, MANAGEMENT AND RESPONSE) provides a centralized platform to promote multi-disciplinary research and debate, to discuss lessons learned from implementing innovative approaches to fighting COVID-19 in the previously affected countries, and share new solutions to develop an inclusive global action plan against coronavirus.


The Global Initiative for COVID-19 aims to increase awareness of the coronavirus outbreak and preparedness for the epidemic, and improve knowledge and skills to apply government directives in solving practical prevention problems by offering general and specific information on standardized work processes in different countries at the level of federal, state and regional institutions.


The initiative specially seeks to provide instructions from ministers and other officials on how to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and to implement best-practice prevention measures at the local level, to present CDC and WHO advisories, to give details about the response measures outlined in the applicable government guidelines, to present legislative measures regarding coronavirus management and to offer day-to-day operating instructions as well as organizational policies and procedures which may affect employers’ obligations to comply with any local ordinance and maintain a safe workplace for employees. It addresses the various issues involved, including the medical, psychological and social aspects, the economic and political effects, and the implications of the disease.

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