The Global Network of Leaders aims to:

•            exchange and share critical ideas, experiences, expertise and strategies on current common challenges as well as important past and ongoing activities and initiatives,
•            enable interaction and foster communications and networking among managers
•            encourage collaboration and facilitate cooperation among managers and direct contact with the leading people of other relevant national and international organizations
•            establish globally recognized standards of global management
•            increase awareness and improve knowledge and skills to apply government directives in solving practical problems by offering general and specific information on standardized work processes in different countries at the level of federal, state and regional institutions.

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First strategy is to provide advices on how best to focus on and address global challenges. Another and important strategy is to help existing public institutions and private organizations develop and improve their capacities to make complex decisions and define reforms that are expected to lead to good governance using identifying the relevant elements. And one main priority in this regard is to build communities of people who want to do good effectively, manage crises, create change and shape the societies of the future for the better.



The GNL specially seeks to:

•           provide instructions, recommendations and advice from leaders and managers on the activities beneficial to organizations
•           present the advisories of UN and other international organizations,
•           give details about the measures outlined in the applicable government guidelines,
•           present legislative measures regarding global and local management and
•           offer day-to-day operating instructions as well as organizational policies and procedures.
•           monitor the global challenges and to implement best-practice measures at the local level,
•           develop projects, plans and programs for the challenges involved as well as to set out global initiatives (preparedness, management and response) for coming provincial, national and international challenges, which could be served as a model to launch similar initiatives in other provinces/countries or new center and as a macro-initiative to address and debate innovative measures and solutions to global problems